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Tourist Events

London Tours for Tourists

“There are so many different Londons, both real and imagined”. Terence Conran on London.

How can you entertain and inspire your delegates who visit London from abroad? How would you showcase the most unique aspects of the city’s arts and culture scene? How can you overcome the cultural barriers so that your delegates will connect with each other on the common ground of arts and culture?

We organize private tourist events in London, incorporating special opportunities that are designed to meet the tastes and requirements of any number of people. This can range from a group of ten to hundred people. Our multi-cultural team has experience in working with people from all over the world.

Our passion for London’s diverse arts scene has helped us develop fresh ideas for creating culturally focused tours for visiting delegations. We specialize in guiding these visitors away from the “tourist spots” by going behind the scenes to explore the true spirit of this city and uncover the hidden gems. This will arouse emotions and create memories that will always be cherished.

London is a global city of vibrant contrasts. It is a truly diverse city where many communities co-exist and produce unique blends of culture that constantly involves, inspires and surprises. We will not only show you the well-known sights of London, but the hidden and unexpected treasures that lurk around every corner on our tourist events.

We keep abreast of everything that happens – not only in the mainstream but also in the periphery. You can follow some of our discoveries on our blog but also on Culture Whisper and Lawfullychic blogs.

You can download our leaflet here.