Sigmund Freud London

Sigmund Freud London

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Sigmund Freud London

When you think of Sigmund Freud, you might imagine him sitting with a patient in his Berggasse consultation room in Vienna but did you know that Freud spent the last year of his life in Hampstead, a residential neighbourhood in the North West of London?

Freud first came to England at 19 year old in 1875 to visit relatives in Manchester. On the 6th of June 1938, at the age of 82,  he managed to flee Austria with his belongings and arrived in a temporary accommodation in Primrose Hill before moving to his last residence in Hampstead. It is Ernst, Freud’s youngest son established as an architect in London since 1933 who found him the house.

Freud was an obsessive collector of archaeological artefacts acquired during his various trips to archaeological sites abroad and bought from antiques shops in Vienna. His collection can be seen in his former consultation room(now part of the Freud Museum) which has remained unchanged since his death, as you can see on our ‘Sigmund Freud London’ trail. Patients were really surprised the first time they came to his consultation room as they didn’t expect a doctors’ office to be like that.

A beautiful family film is shown in the museum where Anna Freud speaks about his father and where we see him during his last birthday surrounded by his family members including the young Lucian Freud and his beloved dogs.

Our ‘Sigmund Freud London’ trail that we have created  includes  a full day itinerary around Freud’s former house, his amazing collection of antiquities, his sculpture, the place where he was cremated (Golders Green Crematorium), a bookstore and a patisserie. It also includes an introduction in front of  his statue in Swiss Cottage made by the very talented Oscar Nemon, a young sculptor who studied at the Academie Royale des Beaux Arts of Brussels and shared a a house with René Magritte.

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