Perfume for networking

Do you have enough opportunities to get to know your new colleagues? How much time do you spend to build real relationship within the office? Can you improve communications and exchange of information between your team’s members?

Networking inside the firm’s walls is, as important, as external networking. Meeting new people within the office should also be an exciting moment and an occasion to do something new and different.

Guided by Nicola Pozzani from S Sense, our two-hour sensory session make you discover the creative language of perfume. Using an interactive approach, your group will experience perfume as an art form. Focusing on synesthesia, the connection between the senses, they will discover the relationship between scents, colours and words. By learning also about the ingredients used in perfumery, they will explore how these can evoke different sensations, emotions and memories and which role they have in creating a “perfume story”. It is a fully interactive workshop, fun and creative, as participants travel through tales and landscapes that scents unveil and share their experience with one another.

Lecturer on scents at Kingston University London and speaker for the British Society of Perfumers, Nicola received perfume training by perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena at the Università dell’Immagine of Milan. He designs sensory training experiences around scents for companies, perfume/beauty brands and charitable foundations. Nicola aims to be an ambassador for the use of perfume as an enabler of well being, innovation and human connections. You can find more information on his website:

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Image courtesy of Nicola Pozzani.

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