London Street Art Tour




London Street Art Tour

Our London Street Art Tour looks at a defining feature of 21st century London where artists from around the world come to paint particularly in Shoreditch streets. Hundreds of pieces by artists as well-known as Banksy, Ben Eine, Roa, Shepard Fairey or fresh as young art students cover the walls. But what is the street art movement about? Where does it come from? Who is doing it? How and why? How to distinguish street art from graffiti? Why is there such a concentration of street art in the East End of London?

You will explore all these fascinating questions. The street art movement has been a keystone of popular culture since the 60s. It has transformed dark public areas into vibrant artistic hubs. It is an exciting art scene to watch. You learn to look up to discover new works on rooftops and on the walls. Artists use aerosol strokes, fire extinguishers, oil paints, stencils, mosaics, cement and other mediums to express themselves. Read about it here. As always, our tour is designed for small groups to give the participants more opportunities to look at the details of each work. It is also a great opportunity for those interested in street photography to capture this London neighbourhood. Artists are changing their work all the time, and new street artists regularly appear so two London street art tours are never the same.

Some art galleries provide a platform for emerging street artists and this is a recent phenomena. We visit some of these galleries during our London street art experience. You can read our blog about the main London art galleries representing street artists here.
To have an idea of the diversity of some of the artists active in the streets of Shoreditch, you can read our blog here.