London Cultural Event

London Cultural Event

London Cultural Event 2

London Cultural Event

London is one of the most culturally vibrant cities in the world. Read about the 20 facts that makes London so incredibly exciting. We organize a variety of London cultural events not only in the main big-name cultural attractions but also in smaller venues and independent galleries.

We regularly bring groups to visit London cultural institutions such as the British Museum, the Barbican, the Welcome Collection, the Benjamin Franklin Museum, Kings Place, and the Freud Museum, to name a few…

We have created an evening at Kings Place for a group of people interested in classical music. Our guests enjoyed learning about the creation of the venue, the exhibition of David Bailey’s sculpture, Arne’s composition of opera King Alfred, the performance by the Classical Opera Company, and the private meeting with the Artistic Director and Conductor.

We often bring visitors to explore the Barbican. We have combined for example a talk in the conservatory with a visit of the exhibitions taking place both in the main gallery and in the Curve,  ending our evening at the Martini bar.

The Wellcome Collection is a unique venue on Euston road exploring the connections between medicine, life and art. We have organized a guided tour of the highlights of the collection for a group of doctors. You can read about it here.

We have brought groups to visit the Benjamin Franklin Museum and combined the visit with a demonstration of the glass harmonica invented by Franklin and a private encounter and discussion with the director. Read our blog on London small historic houses here.

We have created a series of thematic tours to explore the amazing National Portrait Gallery’s collection. Through a thematic approach, we discuss the changing face of the nation from the Tudor world to contemporary photographic portraits. We have for example focused some tours on writers, composers, explorers or celebrities. We are taking a similar thematic approach in our tours at the National Gallery.