London Artist Studio Tour

London Artist Studio Tour

London Artist Studio Tour 2

London Artist Studio Tour

We organise London artist studio tours of internationally acclaimed artists for groups of collectors and art lovers. This is a unique opportunity to engage with an artist,  to spend valuable time into a creative environment not usually open to the public. Often, the visit is  accompanied by an informal lunch with the artist in his studio.

Artists generally love to present a history of their work, convey their vision, guide the visitors through their studios and show their new pieces. A conversation then starts with the artist who is often very interested in how other people see his/her work. There is a real exchange, a quality interaction between the visitors and the artist and most of the visitors feel very inspired and energized through the process. A studio reflects the personality of the artist who works in it and for most collectors, it is important to know an artist before acquiring one of his pieces.

Many artists studios are located in industrial warehouses in the East End, others are spread within the city.

With Art Advisor New Art World, we have visited the studios of several internationally renowned artists such as Mustafa Hulusi, Rana Begum, Faiza Butt, Idris Khan and Annie Morris. You can also read about our visit to Shezad Dawood’s studio here.

We are working with different art curators and art advisers and can put together a VIP art programme around a London artist studio tour of a particular artist.

We have also organised special encounters with artists outside of their studios. We had a private event with London-based Turkish artist Güler Ates at the Royal Academy Research Library. This library not open to the general public is the oldest institutional fine arts library in the United Kingdom, serving the needs of Royal Academicians, students and scholars for over 200 years. This was organized in collaboration with Marcelle Joseph Projects around Ates’
Books of Dust, a new series of photographs created in the Royal Academy of Arts  Research Library.

We have organised a private networking evening at the Lloyds Club with an introduction to the exhibition 2Q13 Women Artists, Women Collectors and a conversation with three of the artists represented. You can read our post here. We had a private encounter with artist Rashid Rana at Lisson Gallery and a list of similar events can be given upon request.