London Art Lunch

London Art Lunch

London Art Lunch 2

London Art Lunch

The London Art Lunch concept involves a series of Arts & Culture events specially designed for lunch breaks and for those who cannot leave the office.

Our experience has revealed how art related activities increase peoples’ levels of understanding, heighten their emotional responses, and stimulate brainstorming and insightful discussions. This helps to forge personal connections among employees and build a diverse and creative culture within a business organization. We have also noticed that many staff members in busy organizations often complain that they do not have time to participate to cultural events or simply be aware of what artistic events London is offering.

According to many recent articles, there is a growing evidence of the beneficial effects of cultural activities on health and well-being at work. It is also widely recognized that a lunch break is important to recharge our batteries and refresh our minds by the NHS here in the UK, and research in the USA.
This is what inspired us to create our London Art Lunch events combining the benefits of a cultural activity and a lunch break.

It happens in the space of a lunch hour.

We deliver 3 things:

A chef-inspired lunch
An art related experience
An hour of creative stimulation

This can include for example an interactive talk with a writer, a musician, a composer or an artist.

We just need:
A room with a table and chairs
A minimum of 12 colleagues keen to engage, learn, and share some of the highlights of London’s cultural scene

You choose your food and art-related topic in our  menu and we deliver them to you at your chosen date and venue.

Our ultimate goal is the infusion for business organizations of fresh thinking and new awareness in employees through “out of the box” events that are stimulating, exciting, thought provoking and interactive in innovative ways.

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