Individual Events

Individual Events

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Individual Events

“While commodities are fungible, goods tangible, and services intangible, experiences are memorable.” Pine, Gilmore, The Experience Economy

Our passion for London’s eclectic art scene has helped us develop new ideas for creating tours, exclusive visits and events that are culturally-focused for residents and tourists in our individual events. You can enjoy street art tours in the East End, private cruises on Regent’s Canal, London food walks, urban explorations in various London neighbourhoods, exclusive visits to the studios of renowned artists and much more. We design these tours and events to match your budget and tastes.

Our goal is to communicate the spirit and vibrant atmosphere of London with individual events. We strive to discover venues, shops and places that are less known to the general public. As city curators, we work on any art & culture related theme, research thoroughly our topic, contact our creative experts and design an itinerary specific for you. This approach ensures that you will receive a service that is completely unique, personal and intimate.

We will communicate with you to gain an understanding of your passions, interests and tastes. Then we will arrange a half day or a full day of visits that are entertainment- and discovery-based on a specific theme. The idea is to inspire you personally or professionally through unique experiences. This can include London tours and/or art and culture related tours. Please ask for examples of specific itineraries arranged for clients with particular interest.

Also, let us know if you have any particular interest or passion and if you would like to share it with like-minded individuals. We receive many individual requests and can organize new types of events to fit your needs, plus find the people to share your experience with you.