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Group Events

Bespoke London Tours for Groups

“Cultural intermixing, when done right, can be a powerful creative stimulus”, R. Florida, The Rise of The Creative Class.

You are the organizer or a member of a special interest group, a business club, a woman’s club, an alumni club, an expats or a networking organization. You might have family members, friends or colleagues that are coming from abroad and would like to experience the culture of London with them and uncover hidden gems. You could be in charge of a school or professional organization that is interested in art appreciation such as a sculpture weekend. Everyone’s situation is different, and we are here to help you plan a memorable and enjoyable group events in London.

Our passion for London’s eclectic arts scene has helped us to develop innovative ideas for creating culturally focused bespoke tours and exclusive visits for groups. What you will receive is something unique and special. Many of our events are led and/or animated by creative experts (writers, artists, musicians, journalists). Our events are fun, clever and interactive.

We can create a single tour or event that is specifically tailored for your art appreciation groups. We can also design a yearly program of activities that cater to the interests and tastes of your group. Our goal is to eliminate the stress of organizing events. That way you and your group can enjoy the tour to its fullest extent.

You can download our leaflet here. Ask for our list of private views, exclusive visits and urban tours, browse our past events on our home page and contact us to create your own event.