Corporate Networking Events

Corporate Networking Events

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Corporate Networking Events

We organise corporate networking events choosing the best venue and entertainment to reflect our clients’ mission and activities as well as to optimise business networking opportunities.

Our unique concept results from our first-hand experience of teamwork and business development within professional firms and our discovery that Arts and Culture constitute the perfect backdrop to engage in real and efficient networking. Arts & Culture have the power to nurture, challenge, inspire and connect and London is a hub for the arts whether visual, digital, performing, musical or culinary. In this vibrant city, world-class artists are all around, eager to meet a culturally diverse and savvy audience.

We have during these years developed an expertise in business networking. Read our post on business networking here and on the value of business networking through art and culture here. Art is an invitation to have a conversation at a deeper level, it creates insightful discussions which often go beyond the piece of art or performance that has triggered it. This is because it allows us to show our humanity and often connects us to a familiar human experience or to our own personal journey. It has the power to create more intimacy among people who meet for the first time, stimulates our emotions, and produces an amazing ‘feel good’ effect. The Arts Council England confirms in its last report on “the value of arts and culture to people and society” that the use of art has the power to facilitate social interaction. Read our post on the content of the report.

In each of our events, we make it easier for individuals to network. We gather intelligence and background about the guests. Networking becomes enjoyable for everyone.

We have organised corporate networking events like a launch event on the roof of the National Theatre matching the company’s new digital marketing research activities with a selection of jazz music, entertainment and food. We have designed an evening for the marketing department of a multinational in Brussels combining theatrical and musical entertainment with a diner.

Go to our corporate page to read more. Ask for a list of our corporate events.