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Corporate Events

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Corporate Events

Engage your staff with Arts & Culture

“I firmly believe that time spent away to refresh and refocus is really not time off. It’s just time better spent.” John Donahoe, CEO at Ebay

We also strongly believe in the power of Art in the personal development process. Art is an excellent tool to bring another dimension into the working environment. It increases people’s understanding and emotional response, often stimulating brainstorming and insightful discussions. You can read our blog post here.

This helps to create connections between your employees and to build a diverse and creative culture within your firm. It also encourages teambuilding, which contributes to the wellbeing of both management and staff. We have designed various types of creative experiences that will help your staff perform at their best.

The Art Lunch is perfect for groups of 12 to 20 people. It is a relatively low cost activity that involves personal engagement that produces well-being and, perhaps inspiration. You can tailor any of our events to meet your team’s requirements.

Join our Bridging Art & Business group on Linkedin, a platform to discuss the various benefits of bringing more Art into the corporate world and to share good practice, experiences and projects.

Connect with your clients & prospects

“The best networkers are inherently curious. They are curious about people, businesses and new experiences” Heather Townsend, Business Networking, FT Guides

Bespoke corporate events can offer a memorable experience for you and your clients. Reach prospects who might not attend a simple business networking event. Organize a bespoke event that will resonate with your clients, giving them confidence in doing business with your organization.

In today’s world, business interactions often occur through digital means. That’s why it’s vital to organize corporate events where staff and clients can build real relationships. At FMC, our core speciality is to help professionals and businesses increase their chances of improving their business development. We provide a platform to entertain clients and meet new prospects. Art is the perfect backdrop to achieve a successful event. Read more on this topic in our blog post here.

We communicate with our clients to learn their missions and activities. Then we select the best venues and entertainment that will foster strong business networking opportunities. Our focus on a various range of art forms, our experience with large professional firms and our experience with business networking set us apart from other professional events management firms.

Why not introduce an Arts & Culture Employee Benefits Plan?

An ACEBP is tailored to meet the special needs and goals of each particular business. This includes an annual program of arts and culture-related activities.

For more info, read our HR leaflet description.