Business Networking Through Art

In a world where business interactions are often taking place through digital means, it is becoming more and more important to have opportunities to meet clients and staff in a context where they can build real and valuable relationships. Engaging with the Arts can play a great role in the networking process, bringing benefits to the firm’s employees, brand and overall business.

  1. Art is about freedom: it helps us to become more innovative and gain new perspectives.
  2. It is important to learn things outside of your industry to generate ideas.
  3. Art is an invitation to have a conversation at a deeper level, it creates insightful discussions.
  4. It helps to show our humanity, to understand that mistakes can be beneficial and to find our authentic voice.
  5. It connects us to a human experience and to our personal journey and creates more intimacy.
  6. It shows that creativity can also be found in the most unexpected places.
  7. It boosts our confidence through the sharing of an experience.
  8. It takes place in a neutral environment where it is easier to build relationships and cultural exchange.
  9. It stimulates our emotions, helps to connect with others and listen to their stories.
  10. It is a relatively low cost activity that involves more personal commitment and produces a feel good effect.



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