I like the dynamics that result when connecting people of different backgrounds. This is reflected in both the cultural and artistic life…


From My City Ltd is a boutique event management and advisory company that creates tailor-made Arts & Culture events and networking experiences in the most unique and cultural venues.

Our offers are tailored to the particular needs of different types of clients: companies and organizations, individuals, groups, tourists and visitors including visiting delegations.

At FMC, we focus on connecting people using cultural and artistic themes to set the backdrop and foster better networking and relationship building. We are convinced that art-related activities contribute to the well-being of individuals and increase self-confidence and creativity at work. Supporting the Arts and deepening people’s appreciation for them is also an important part of our mission.

Michèle Fajtmann, founder of FMC, has been passionate about the arts all her life. She was born in Belgium, and has lived in Brussels, New York, Warsaw and London. As a corporate lawyer for 15 years, she understands business and how to negotiate the best deal. She also has a particular interest in the field of business networking.

For several years, Michèle has created clients’ events and worked with senior business leaders to develop their cultural and networking events – creating unique experiences centered on artistic themes. She has unique skills that have been sought out by both business and private clients – and is well connected in London’s arts scene.

Her passions include opera, classical music, life sculpture and drawing, theatre, cookbooks and chocolate. She loves to support young artists and in particular young musicians. She is a columnist for several cultural blogs and has written many articles in her professional field. She has contributed to the book 1001 Restaurants You Must Experience Before You Die edited by food writer Jenny Lindford and has written a French book on London various communities that can be purchased on our website.

At FMC, we strongly believe that Arts & Culture have the power to nurture, challenge, inspire and connect.

Our experience and access to the art and cultural scenes set our events apart. Art is broadly defined and includes visual art, music, literature, theatre, ballet, culinary art, and more.

Our services include venue finding, budget planning, contract negotiation, production, entertainment, event logistics and full coordination of the event. We work in partnership with our clients, as an extension of their events teams, to deliver an efficient, professional and friendly service. We are also advising clients on promoting their cultural events.

All our events include a strong networking element.  We personally introduce the guests and, where appropriate, use icebreakers to create a relaxing and friendly atmosphere from the outset. We also carefully seat guests for dinner to allow for synergies and connectivity. We choose the best venues and entertainment to reflect our clients’ missions and activities as well as to foster business networking opportunities.