From My City act as city curators and provide opportunities to engage deeply with the city’s urban creativity. We offer creative bespoke London tours, urban explorations, exclusive visit of galleries, museums and artist studios, art and music talks, art encounters, food tasting, concerts, cultural events and short trips. A great way to learn about what’s new on the cultural scene, to be creatively stimulated, to mingle and talk with artists and with a group of enthusiastic people eager to explore and connect.
We are also an art advisory and consulting company that specialises in Art and Culture. We are well positioned to organise and promote your event or your participation to an art & culture event. Below, you will find a few tours, experiences and events that we are opening from time to time to a wider audience. These tours are generally for small groups (max 12 people). This is also a way to showcase new ideas that we can develop on a customized basis for any group size.

Bethnal Green Art Scene

Price: £60.00

Date: May 28, 2016

Available Spaces: 12

What's New in Street Art?

Price: £40.00

Date: May 29, 2016

Available Spaces: 15


Explore. Discover. Connect. is our Mantra. It is only in exploring new avenues that we are able to challenge ourselves, discover new things and connect better with a particular place and the people around us.

We have organized a variety of London tours, art lunches, tastings, talks, visits and bespoke corporate events. Participants in our tours experience one-on-one behind the scene interaction with creative people such as artists, musicians and curators. We have developed a network of contacts within the art and culture community and gained privileged access to some of the most exciting venues.

We are able to tailor each event according to our clients’ interest and taste. We work with lifestyle hotels, international concierge companies, business organizations, interests groups, professional firms and corporations. Click on the black icons on top of this page if you are falling within one of the categories.

You will find in this particular section some examples of events we have organized in the past. You can choose any of them and contact us to tailor it to your particular interest, style, theme and audience.


Why not booking a series for your group? A Series allow the participants to meet regularly and explore in more depth a particular theme or visit a particular venue through various angles. It is also ideal for networking purposes as the participants have the opportunity to meet on a regular
basis. This can be a monthly event and cover any particular field such as classical music, opera, visual art, contemporary art, sculpture, culinary art or perfume as an art form. You will find some examples below.


Browse our calendar and choose a date. If you are interested in any particular event but are not available on that date, let us know, we will put you on our list and try to create a group for another date.